Shamanic Healing

I specialise in shamanic healing - Shamanic Extractions, Soul Retrieval,
and De-Possession work.

Shamanic Extractions
From the Shamans point of view, illness, disease, and injuries have a Spiritual aspect as well as physical, and if healing is desired, the Spiritual components must also be addressed.

Shamanic Extraction healing is a Shamanic procedure in which unhelpful energies within a persons Spirit body, are identified and removed.

Soul Retrieval
During the course of living, we all undergo experiences in which we feel unsafe for various reasons, and occassionaly even physically or emotionally traumatised .
From the Shamans point of view we try protect ourselves during these experiences, and sometimes core parts of our Souls "go into hiding" in order to be less vulnerable. For the sake of a more complete intergration of the Self however, it is very healing to retrieve these Soul parts.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic procedure in which "lost" Soul parts are found and brought back into integration.


I have been training in Shamanism with Michael Harner, Sandra Harner and Sandra Ingerman of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies .

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