Shamanic Journeying

I specialise in teaching the technique of Shamanic Journeying.

The Shamanic Journey is the core technique used in Shamanism to "travel" from our ordinary everyday reality to non-ordinary, or Shamanic reality. In this changed state of consciousness, we can connect with powerful sources of help, insight, guidance and healing.

Over six sessions, you will be taught how to do the Shamanic Journey - enabling you with a skill that can be used throughout life.

In these sessions, the student learns to journey to the Lower World to interact with Spirit Helpers, and to the Upper World, to interact with Spirit Teachers.

Significant questions (eg. what behaviour is getting in the way of a relationship? ), and requests (eg. for healing a particular illness), will be explored on a Shamanic Journey.
After the experience, I will help the participant to extract meaning from the Journey.
The Journeys are recorded, allowing the student to keep a record of the experience.




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