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The Life-Changing Power Of “YES”



The Life-Changing Power Of “YES”

 Welcome to our new blog!

Yes is:
One Word that Changes Everything
One Word that Heals
One Word that Aligns Body, Mind & Spirit

How did I come to this?

Recently, I released my memoir, Everyday Magic, as an ebook, and as many of you already know, it’s not an ordinary memoir it’s a case study designed to inspire you. In promoting Everyday Magic, I took another look at my life and another deeper look at all my work — the books I’ve written, the courses I teach, the way that I structure sessions, as well as everything I say and do and believe, and I thought “There’s a common theme here — but what is it???”

And the common theme is an “all roads lead to the same place theme.” And all the roads that I have designed and built lead to finding “Yes!”

We’re not talking about a small yes … an “I-suppose-so” kind of a yes. We’re talking about the “yes” of finding inner truth, the life-changing “yes” that aligns body, mind and spirit.

Our big problem is that truth lies in paradox, so it’s always dished up to us in a mixed bag. Call it disguise, call it camouflage. Whatever we call it, “yes” is hidden from us, and it takes a process to find it. Everyday Magic is the story of how I unconsciously found that buried treasure and used it to shape my life.

Let’s use this power, let’s align body, mind & spirit, let’s travel together, consciously shaping our lives with the power of “yes.” Please join me.

Let’s Begin with Some Sample Questions

There’s a big difference in the effect of the words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ on the nervous system. When you say or experience a whole hearted ‘Yes,’ it’s a kinesthetic experience, meaning we can actually feel it as a sensation throughout our bodies.  
How do you get more “YES” in your life?  

  • Why do you say the word YES changes everything? And what do you mean by EVERYTHING?
  • What happens in our bodies, to our energy, when we use the word NO? How is that different from YES? 
  • As a Psychologist, Alexander Teacher and Healer, what do you see happen in people’s lives when they incorporate more YES moments? 
  • Do all words carry a type of vibe or energy? What other words can we use to improve ourselves? Which will bring us down? 
  • There’s got to be limits to what you say YES to, right? 
  • How can we start incorporating YES in our lives? Should we go slow? 
  • What can readers learn about “Yes” from your book Everyday Magic?

In this blog, we will explore many such questions, and discover ways we can harness the magic of “Yes!” Please join us.


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  1. thank you for yielding me a sign from the universe this morning. As i am driving to work I hear your interview on a “random” station (I know nothing is random), talking about the power of yes. I am in the process of change in my life & had just post on a social media platform about saying YES to the subtle cue from the Universe. I am blown away this morning! Alignment is happening as a result of a single YES…I am listening!!

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