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Want to know more about Soul Retrieval?
See Interview with Neil here
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Want to know how you can start learning about Shamanic Journeying?
See  these links:
Shamanism Zoom Call One on Wednesday 01-19-2022
Shamanism Zoom Call Two on Wednesday 02-16-2022

This is the link to the Shamanic drumming CD/Sound file that I strongly recommend:
No. 7: Michael Harner’s Shamanic Journey Multiple Drumming
Programmable 15/30 minute multiple drumming tracks with callback

These are the apps for iphone that I recommend:
1.Drum Journey by Mindful Bear Apps ( best) $1.99
2. Shamanic Journey Drumming – by Frauke Rotwein $0.99

(Not suitable: Shaman World by John Moore
Not suitable: Shamanic Journeying by Ayodeji Yakubu)

Recommended website for Shamanism: https://www.shamanism.org/
See interesting articles here: https://www.shamanism.org/articles/index.html

Reommended books:
Michael Harner : The Way of the Shaman
Michael Harner: Cave and Cosmos

About Neil
Neil is originally from Cape Town, South Africa .
He trained in Psychology at the University of Cape Town , and Food Technology at the Cape Town Technikon.
Neil completed his certification as a Teacher of the Alexander Technique in London, at the Constructive Teaching Center. He was trained by Walter Carrington, and Joyce Roberts.
Neil studied Shamanism through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
He was trained by Michael Harner, Sandra Harner, Sandra Ingerman, David Corbin and Nan Moss

Neil provides a variety of services:

• Lessons in the Alexander Technique
• Training to be a teacher of the Alexander Technique
Shamanic Healing and Counseling
• Shamanic Journeying
• Crystal Healing