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Shamanism Zoom Call One on Wednesday 01-19-2022



Shamanism Class: First Zoom Call

Here is the recording of the first Zoom call on Wednesday January 19, 2022

Shamanism Class Zoom Call on Wednesday 01-19-2022

This is the link to the Shamanic drumming CD/Sound file that I strongly recommend:
No. 7: Michael Harner’s Shamanic Journey Multiple Drumming
Programmable 15/30 minute multiple drumming tracks with callback

These are the apps for iphone that I recommend:
1.Drum Journey by Mindful Bear Apps ( best) $1.99
2. Shamanic Journey Drumming – by Frauke Rotwein $0.99

(Not suitable: Shaman World by John Moore
Not suitable: Shamanic Journeying by Ayodeji Yakubu

Recommended website for Shamanism:
See interesting articles here:

Please do at least two Shamanic Journeys before our next Zoom session, and email me a brief summary, and any questions or comments
Thank you


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