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Jean Tindle on The Schapera Show

Our guest today is a dear friend whom we met through our mutual love of crystals and I’m very pleased to introduce you all to my fellow Teacher, Healer and Author, Jean Tindle who lives in Madison, WI.


Hello, Jean, thanks for coming on the show.


Jean: Hello Vivien, thank you for inviting me I’m pleased to have this opportunity to share some of my experiences today.


Vivien: Jean, can we begin with some background info about you?


Jean: Yes, let’s do that. You described me as a “Teacher, Healer and Author,” and I would like to begin by adding what I think is the umbrella term that I can call myself. When I look at everything that I do, I think the best description is “Spiritual Guide.”


Vivien: Yes, I think that perfectly describes you – after all, it is in the name of your website, isn’t it!


Jean: Indeed, it is. My website is called SpiritDancerCrystalsdotcom. On my website I say: “I’m the founder and your personal spiritual guide here at Spirit Dancer Crystals.” 


My two subjects are “crystals” and “shamanism.” Both relate to the Earth, the Universe and how we relate to them, and I guide people into these two subjects for the purpose of spiritual development.


I also love traveling to gem shows around the country to choose stones that I know will help people make big shifts in their lives. 


Vivien: There’s always a backstory, though, isn’t there? How did you get into this?


Jean: Of course!!! For many years, I tried to fit into what others would call “normal.” I tried to fit myself into a world that was obsessed with maintaining the status quo. There was always a feeling that there was more to living than that. 


My turning point was after a very emotionally painful event where someone special left the planet. It hurt. I knew I had to find a way to get away from that pain and to heal.


What happened next was a series of events that led me to a psychic, who told me that I am a lightworker. I felt the lightning go through my hands as she held them. I didn’t even know what a lightworker was! But I knew that there was something there.


Fast forward six months and I found myself in Peru learning from the medicine people – studying shamanic healing, learning how to connect with the unseen world – connecting in with my guides for information, and communicating with the elements to learn how they can heal you. What always spoke to me most was the healing power that the earth – crystals – offered. And that was how it all began. 


Over the years I have studied with a number of powerful healers that have deepened my connection with the stones, as well as my knowledge of how to use the traditions of the medicine people (shamans).


•               Apprenticeships with Susan Lipshutz LCSW and Dr. Tom Voitas in Chicago, as well as many years assisting them in Peruvian Shamanic studies with their teachings and workshops

•               Studied with Peruvian maestro curandero Oscar Miro Quesada for many years, who taught me the MAGIC (he is a master at moving energy!)

•               Spent many months in the jungles of Peru studying with medicine men of the Capanahua and Shipibo tribes and in Chile with the feminine tradition of the Mapuche

•               Trained with the 4 Winds Academy in Cincinnati in Crystal Healing and Crystal Surgery Techniques I, II, and III, which taught me the deeper techniques of healing the body, mind, and spirit with the crystals. 

•               Additionally, I’m a Reiki Master and I’ve extensively studied Sound Healing with Jonathan Goldman and Vickie Dodds.

•               Studied Metaphysics with Jennifer Hough.


Vivien: So now, you’re helping others with these dynamics?


Jean: Yes, I love helping others on their spiritual path, and on their path to healing. I do this by teaching workshops – both online and in person (including in exotic places like Ecuador and Peru), through my community Women’s Circle, one-on-one healing and journeying sessions, and through my highly curated Crystal Shop. And of course, I absolutely LOVE helping others learn how to choose their stones and how to work with them!


Vivien: I have to share that I know your work personally. You gave me such a great healing session when we were in WI, and I still remember the session very clearly. You stepped right to the heart of my troubles – the specific karmic issue that I brought into this lifetime, namely my relationship with the feminine. You must have some interesting stories to share – do you have one or two for our listeners?


Jean: Yes, I want to share one testimonial here because it speaks perfectly to what I do. After that, I have another story. Here’s the first one:


“Jean’s heart and high integrity shine through in all she does, and she is such a clear channel. The light, love, and guidance I have experienced from my Guides and Angels during and through Jean’s Akashic readings and crystal healing sessions have helped me see situations, and my life as a whole, with a perspective that is practical, supportive, and inspiring—words, ideas, and feelings that have encouraged deep, personal exploration that has led to healing and the finding of greater joy in my life. If you are seeking to better know your own soul and connection to the Divine, and to attend to your own healing, I highly encourage you to work with Jean. She is absolutely one of the best one could hope to work with.”


This is the second story: I recently did your pre surgery technique on an MD who is a good friend. He came to Scoop and I because he respects what we do and he wanted to cover all healing bases with his surgery. It was an open-heart procedure to unblock arteries. He talked us through what would happen during the surgery and we did the procedure on his energy body. When his surgery was done, and throughout his recovery, both his doctor and the nurses and his OT people remarked on how fast his recovery was going and how little pain he had. He told us later that he attributed it mostly to our work on him. This was particularly rewarding for me because he is a member of the medical profession and was both open to this and appreciative of the result.


Vivien: Oh yes that is a nice story … and a typical Crystal Surgery story too. Thanks for including that. And, Jean, what are you currently paying attention to?


Jean: I am currently thinking about how the Universe is having a conversation with me through stones and how to bring this more into my teaching of processes to work with them. There are many ways to have a conversation with the Universe and stones are one of the ways I love.


Vivien: How do you have a conversation with the universe via stones?


Jean: I sit with a stone, I meditate with it and I ask the stone: “Why have you come to me, what is your purpose?” And generally, I get a whole lot of information that I write down.


Viv: So, this is contemplation and reflection more than meditation, right?


Jean: Yes, but I have to begin in a meditative manner so that my brain is receptive to the information that I am inviting in. Then once I’m in the meditative zone and I’ve got the flow, it kind of does itself.


Vivien: Anyone can do this, right? It’s just about paying attention to the thoughts that flow in once you’ve managed to get into the zone.


Jean: Yes, exactly. My underlying intention steers the kind of thoughts and I’m specifically looking for how I might describe the stone so someone else or even myself, can use it.


Vivien: You’re looking for applications of the stone to our daily lives, correct?


Jean: Exactly and we can use stones in our daily lives for clarity, uplifting energy, discover information, connect to universal energy. I do that a lot. For personal healing, for healing others – as many ways as there are people.


Vivien: Jean, you haven’t mentioned this yet, but you also know about Sacred Geometry, don’t you?


Jean: Yes, that’s right, that is one of my topics that I speak and teach about.


Vivien: I think that “talking to the Universe” and Sacred Geometry are ideal topics for us to discuss after the break! In the meantime, let’s make sure that everyone knows how to get hold of you.


Jean: Yes, the best way is to come to my website SpiritDancerCrystalsdotcom. All the information about crystals, classes and trips is available there.


Vivien: Excellent! SpiritDancerCrystalsdotcom, no special spelling notes needed. Couldn’t be easier. You have been listening to Jean Tindle on The Schapera Show. We’re going to take a break now and when we come back, we’re going to find out how to connect to the universe.


Vivien: We’re now investigating the topic of connecting to the universe. When you connect to universal energy, Jean, what do you get?


Jean: I get clarity on a way forward, answers to questions that my brain can’t think of, a way of navigating an issue or problem. I connect with my guidance, a higher wisdom. Things become less confusing, less overwhelming, less opaque – I can see a path forward through the chaotic muddle and noise.


Vivien: Ooh that sounds like what we all need. Do you hold classes on this?


Jean: Yes, I do, and hold online zoom presentations because this is an ideal way to connect with the topic – via the ethernet!!! And I can be found easily at SpiritDancer crystals.


Vivien: Can we talk about Sacred Geometry?


Jean: People think it’s difficult but it’s not. I actually use it a lot without thinking specifically about it – it’s totally integrated into what I do.

Any grid that you make pulls that into effect.


Vivien: So, this really is a synergy of all your studies in crystal healing, shamanism, reiki, sound healing (bells, tuning forks) – and all those can recharge or amplify. Are there ready-made grids available?


Jean: Yes, but that’s not what I offer. My work is about empowering people to create what they want, need, take care of their own health. I would rather teach people how to play with the energy than follow a template. However, when you’re working on your own there is no reason not to begin by experiencing what such a template has to offer. Exploring and experimenting is highly recommended and there are probably no wrong answers.


Viv: Any other point about sacred geometry?


Jean: Briefly, there are 5 basic platonic solids which create a chain of manifestation: the cube, icosahedron, the octahedron, the tetrahedron and the dodecahedron. 

·      Cube represents earth

·      Icosahedron is water

·      The octahedron is air

·      The tetrahedron is fire

·      The dodecahedron is quintessence/ether/spirit


Vivien: Can you buy crystals in these shapes?


Jean: Yes, you can even buy sets. Just look up sacred geometry crystal set or platonic solid crystal set.


Vivien: And then when you have that set, what do you do with it for a beginner?


Jean: It is a ready-made grid and: 

you start with an idea: quintessence

Build passion: Tetrahedron

Focus with thoughts: Air octahedron

Let it flow, get some emotion around it: Water – Icosahedron

Becomes form as the solid.


Vivien: So, do you arrange these crystal shapes in a format or what?


Jean: Yes, place it on your altar or maintain a layout, or even arrange in a straight line with a candle. Or create a more complex grid. [Send a pic]


Vivien: I love the way this begins with quintessence – or more simply put, an idea. I have one more question – what is the difference between passion and emotion?


Jean: When I get an idea, I get all excited about it. I feel enthusiastic. Then if you’re a normal person you think about all the ways it can go wrong yet you keep it in your thoughts, might get “don’t know if I can do that.” The emotion comes in when you get to that layer of “this really speaks to my heart. I do want this.” and that’s when the emotion comes in.


What’s in my heart when I work with the stones:

They’re so healing, so much a part of who we are and how all of us on Earth are connected. When we’re working with stones, we’re working with everything in the universe via even only one crystal. This is what is so powerful for me – you are connected to everything when you work with the stones.


Vivien: Jean, it has been fantastic having you on the show. I’m sure listeners would like to hear about the trip to Ecuador that you’re leading next year, will you tell them?


Jean: I would also like to mention at the end an upcoming trip I am doing next year to Ecuador that will use many of these transformational techniques: connecting with the elements, community, and so on. 


The title of the trip is Your Volcanic Soul: Blasting Out to Embrace Your Authentic Self. It is a shamanic journey into the volcanos. We will be staying at the base of 4 of Ecuador’s sacred volcanos and working with the energies of fire and water for transformation. Dates are March 22-29, 2023 and you can get more info at


Vivien: Jean, thank you again for coming on the show. I hope everyone feels the benefit of hearing you speak the way that I do! 


Vivien: Jean, what do you mean by a grid? Because I mean something different in CS.


Jean: Configuration of stones set up with intention to create a certain outcome, feeling or energy.


Vivien: It’s all grids isn’t it – whether chakra layout, grid or by some other name. So, it can be relatively simple or complex right?


Jean: and when I teach about grids all you need is a candle and intention and a stone although I like my stones. As you add stones it does amplify the energy.


Vivien: what kind of intention?


Jean: For instance, a grid to create a well-being grid because of COVID.


Vivien: How can one recharge a grid?


Jean: Smudging. Ties in to shamanic grid – using breath to amplify energy – stones are very receptive to that. All kinds of ways to infuse a grid with prayers and intentions.


·      When I work with a client, I simply create a container or an experience (whether in healing or other processes) whereby a client can begin to see that they are in charge of changing their experience. 

–       I act more as a guide into this

–       For me it is about empowering a person to create their own healing, their own life, their own happiness, etc. I am just here to guide.

–       Stones and crystals are an amazing tool to work with in this process


The other important thing I am seeing in my work is the way one can create community around stones. For me, it is vital right now to have like-minded community around. Stones can provide a focus for that, a shamanic way to work with the Earth energies.


Vivien: Are there any stones that you have a particularly strong relationship with?


Jean: Oh, that’s a tough one because I love them all. But, yes, that’s an interesting question because it varies on the day. One stone that is up there is Quartz – it does everything, comes in shapes, colors, comes in so many forms. Feels very resonant with the human energy vibration, resonant with what I do – resonates with energy, uplifts energy it can be that uplifting energetic catalyst.

Clusters, twins, singles – so many presentations.


Viv: And then there’s all the inclusions as well. It makes me laugh because every year at Tucson we both say “no more Quartz” and then that’s 80% of what we buy!!!



Instagram: jeantindle

Ecuador trip sign up:


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