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For this journey I’ve decided to the Lower World and the purpose of this journey, is to travel to the Lower World to meet Spirit helpers in animal form, and ask them to please show me an event or a place or a situation in the Spirit Realm that is important for us to know about.

So I go into the tree that I use as my portal – I see the portal on the floor of the tree.
I go through it and now I’m going down alongside my familiar energy beam thread – it’s my path to the Lower World and I’m going down. I’m alongside it and I put my arms and legs around it to keep me centered and engaged in this downward trajectory to the Lower World.

I’m going down and down and down and I look down and see far below me the Lower World. As I’m going down I’m calling in my Spirit helpers of the Lower World and asking them to please meet me, and help me when I’m there. I go through the names of all my Spirit helpers just putting out the intention. I’m getting closer to the Lower World and I see green below me.

This is interesting – I find myself landed in a little boat, like a little rowing boat and up ahead of me I see an island.
So I’m in a large body of water and this rowing boat is actually being towed by some water animal or creature towards the island.
I step off onto the sand– its like an archetypal tropical island with white sand.

Straight away, I get told that we all need a refuge, we all need a place that is safe and peaceful and conducive to our well-being, and that for most of us, our lives are so busy and demanding and we seldom experience the pleasure of being in a refuge.
It would be really helpful to quite deliberately create a refuge space for ourselves or reconceptualize a place that we already have, as also being able to serve as a refuge and place of rejuvenation.

So in this journey they’ve shown me an actual place. Now it could be that we do have an actual place if we’re fortunate enough, eg. a garden where we could designate a specific area of the garden where we could sit quietly and enjoy the understanding that there is a peaceful place of rejuvenation and restoration where we can be quiet rather than busy.

The Spirits say that it could be a place inside one’s house, and it might be a place that one uses for other things like a living room or a bedroom, in which case one could either designate for oneself an area in say the living room or a bedroom or a spare room where one can go and again enjoy peaceful rejuvenation, or just designate a time when will regularly go to that room or that place in the house or the apartment and access peace and presence.

Now I am on this island refuge, being quiet and enjoying rejuvenation and liberated from my usual business. They say if we are really fortunate there could be a vacation place that we go to where we can also have the understanding that part of the function of that place is to be where one can enjoy calm and quiet and peace and rejuvenation. They say that with the vacation place ones probably not going to be there that regularly. So the Spirits are recommending that we set up a refuge place at home, so that once a day we are in a place of peace.

I’m on this island, and now I’m walking into the green area away from the beach.

I come to a little clearing where there is a natural spring bubbling up into a small pool. It’s very small, maybe about five or six feet across, and the surroundings are very cool and green and lush.
The Spirits say that I should just sit there for a while, just be there, and access the benefits of being in another place of peacefulness and quiet. I am surrounded by nature, and I hear the sound of the water.

They also say that this is a water that I can drink ,which would be beneficial, and they say that drinking cold, clean, fresh water is really a good thing to do. They’re not talking about the aspect of hydration, but rather it’s such a basic function of our physiology to drink water, a genetic heritage thats billions of years old. Animals do it, plants do it, and it would be a good thing to include it in a very deliberate way in ones daily schedule, that we drink water. Its best if it’s untainted water – water in good condition, maybe it’s been through a filter.
They say we drink so many other beverages, like coffee, tea, cool drinks, beer, and they’re not saying we shouldn’t do that, but they say deliberately drinking water connects us with our with our animal history.

They say that if we have animals, if we have pets, it’s a crucial thing that we give animals fresh water every day. If you’ve got a cat or a dog or a horse, whatever animal it is, make sure they get fresh water every day and if it’s possible good quality water.

The Spirits also say that we should wash our faces regularly in water. Not to clean our faces, but to access the rejuvenating properties of clean, fresh water.
The Spirits say that water is a fundamental partner in our lives, and it’s been that way for millions and millions and millions of years.
They’re also asking me to look into the water and expect an image that is significant. I ask whether this can be an image that’s significant to everybody not just me personally, and they say yes.

And they’re showing me icebergs or glaciers, and giving the information about the melting that is taking place with global heating. They say that it’s commonplace to talk about global warming, and we’re so used to that phrase, but we should really call it global heating – that’s got more impact, and that similarly, instead of calling it climate change, it’s more powerful to call it climate disruption. They say that it’s very real that these changes are occurring. We don’t need to get bogged down in arguments about the cause. They say it is a fact – it’s not that climate disruption is not happening – and we should know that it’s it’s a fact. It’s definitely not that we’re not seeing a natural variation –that one year might be hot and one year might be cool, and one year there might be droughts and one year there might be flooding. Rather, things are definitely changing and they’re saying that there will be some changes that will cause a lot of upheaval and the changes are going to affect nature, plants, crops, animal life, bird life, fish, the oceans – everything.

And they’re having me walk further and further into the jungle of thick undergrowth. There’s a little cabin or shack and inside is a little table with a writing pad and pen on it.
They say that it would be very therapeutic for us to just write down our thoughts and feelings, It’s not like to have a journal – the point is not to be journaling. The point is to write as self-expression, self-expression in words, as opposed to self-expression in music or art or making a garden. All very good things, but they said self-expression in words, as it’s a very human activity.
Its about becoming more aware of what we think, and what we feel. This is self-awareness. And a very useful tool for enhancing self-awareness is to write down what we’re thinking and feeling. It has to be something that we feel is absolutely private, so no censorship is necessary, and it’s certainly not desirable. To make this writing a daily activity. That would be a positive thing to do. They say one could use various prompts to inspire this self-expression, like the prompt “who am I?” That’s a gateway to start off from and go on from there.
They say to me that another useful prompt for self-expression is to ask “how am I feeling right now”, and it’s not about justifying feelings, or anything other than becoming more aware of how one is feeling, and being able to put it into words.
The Spirits said it’s almost like being on a psychoanalyst couch, where one is just expressing ones feelings, thoughts, ideas, notions, and like with the perfect psycho-analyst, there wouldn’t be any judgment or self-censorship. That’s something they’re encouraging.

Now I’m heading back to the beach where that little rowing boat was. I’m on the beach, standing by the boat.

They tell me, and this is something that I heard from the Spirits recently, as well, and they’re saying this is important for all of us, is to not take ourselves so seriously.
What that means is to not take the egoic self so seriously. That there is a transcendental Self that is not separate from the universe, and is a basic concept in the teaching of Spiritual masters, but they are talking about the egoic self. They say that one of the things that is really important to enable our lives to be more useful and functional, is to not take our egoic selves so seriously. It’s a very useful perspective to constantly remind ourselves not to take ourselves so seriously.

I think that’s the final bit of advice or guidance.
I was on the rowboat and it started to go up in the air, and then I left the rowboat and found myself at my energy thread to take me back up to ordinary, everyday reality, back to the tree that I came from.

I’m going up and up and up until I’m back at the tree and I step out and I become aware that the shamanic journey is over.
I thank the Spirits for this wonderful journey and the guidance they gave us.


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