Neils Spirit Report: How do we manage the upsetting news we read about



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The purpose of this Journey is to travel to the Upper World, to request the Spirits for guidance, around how do we manage, when so much of the news that we read and hear and see, is disturbing.

To go to the Upper World, I go up from the mountain, up the thread. In the past I have gentle risen up along side the thread, but this time, I’m pulling myself up. Its very easy, I’m weightless, I just give myself this little upward energy by pulling on the beam which is like a very thick strand of wire about three inches in diameter.

I go up and up and up and eventually I see clouds above me, and the thread/beam going up through the clouds. I keep going up, going into the clouds.

I get to a familiar flight of steps that has a white-pink color. I walk up the steps. I get to a landing. For the moment I do not see anything else around, and I call in my Spirits of the Upper World.

I ask them to come be with me, and give me guidance around my request of how do we manage, when so much of the news that we read and hear, is so disturbing.

I go through the names of each of my Spirit Teachers of the Upper World, calling them in. One of them arrives, and takes me through the air. I am being carried.

We go to a castle, where I am seeing the view from high up in one of the castle towers, looking out onto the landscape below.

I understand that I’m being shown that all the drama and difficulty and upset of the world is being shown to me far below. I’m up in this tower, and the understanding is that one way of managing the bad news is to be as if one was isolated, away from the drama, and not being affected by the tumultuous world below.

The Spirits say, that one aspect of this is to ask “is it my business?”.

And that a lot of what goes on, is really not ones business.
I ask “but what about being aware of, and really disturbed by, things that seem to be causing suffering?”

The Spirits say that that, is another issue.
On the one hand it is important to recognize, and discriminate between what should concern one, and what is just noise.
They give me a visual analogy of a ship that’s grounded on the shore, and one person trying to push that ship back into the water. Impossible.
They say in this analogy, what moves the ship back into the water, is not pushing the ship, but waiting for the tide to turn.

At a certain point a high tide will come, and the boat will be able to float off.

There is a message here of being patient, and trusting that things will change over time.

I say, yes I see the point, and what about when there is suffering and injustice, and one wants to help.
They say one does need to make these distinctions of whats not your business, and what will change just through the passage of time, but then there is when one can get involved.
And ones involvement, for most people is going to be what might feel like a very small one, that doesn’t get to the very biggest issues. But one can still help.

They give me an analogy of having your own chickens, and giving out eggs to people who are hungry. One might say that that doesn’t do anything to the fundamental issue of poverty, but on a very practical way, one is helping somebody else in a direct way.

They say the big issues like poverty, are so big, and so entrenched in the rest of society, that mainly those issues can be dealt with by people who are working in those fields, in very high-up organizational and administrative positions, where overall policy and implementation can be changed because one is in that very high level position, which very few of us are.

They say of course there have been exceptions, where individuals have become crusaders for justice, or human rights, or health, or welfare, and in those rare crusading situations, an individual has been able to make a difference. But most of us have neither the skills, nor the time, nor the freedom, nor the huge, driven, saintly enthusiasm to create social change on a large scale.
We can create social change on a small scale with generosity, and kindness, and politeness.

People being nice to other people, people being helpful to other people.

I ask “what about something like the war in Ukraine?” Which seems so horrible in terms of populations suffering, individuals suffering, and do we want to say “well that’s just not my business?”

The spirits say that what is ones business is what one can reasonably do something about. So one could reasonably, for example, donate clothes or food or money to those who are suffering in the Ukraine war. But the bigger picture of negotiating an end to the war, and an end to the suffering, its just not something that an ordinary, everyday person with an everyday job can do.
There are hundreds, if not thousands of people employed in positions where they are trained and paid to help change those dreadful situations. Like people who work for the United Nations, people who work for the State Department. And one just has to leave that level of involvement to the people who work at that level of business.

The Spirits say they understand we might feel guilty or irresponsible in not getting more involved, but we have to recognize what involvement we can make, which will make a real practical difference. And even if it doesn’t affect the big picture, and it affects just a small part of the small picture, that is something we can do.

The Spirits say that its really important that we don’t go down with the ship.
They say stick to the territory where you can make a difference if you’re wanting to help, and recognize whats not your business.

I say there is still this issue of reading the news, and feeling so depressed and anxious, and that can take one to a point of such despair and bleakness. They say yes, that is true.
We should be willing to limit our exposure to the news. That most of it is not necessary for us to know. It doesn’t add anything to our lives, and it does in fact, take away from our emotional well-being. They say we need to be very discriminating when we listen and read. Unfortunately, there is almost an entertainment aspect to reading or listening or watching the news.
We should be ruthless. They say a newspaper is good because one can see a headline and then not go any further. We can immediately go to something else and not read the article. And yes the headline will have had its impact, but one doesn’t have to add more by reading in-depth about an issue.
They say its like exposure – one wouldn’t go walk in the rain ordinarily – one would stay out of the rain. You wouldn’t walk in a lightning storm – you would stay out of the storm because its bad for your health. (24 min)

They say a big part of what can guide us is the overall notion of what can I expose myself to that is good for me. That is good for my health. There are TV shows for example that may not be good for ones health. They might feel like good entertainment and be exciting, but they’re not good for ones mental health.

The Spirits say be kind, be helpful, be polite, make a practical difference where you can – and for most people that’s on a relatively small level, but that certainly counts. A few people are in positions where they might be able to make a difference to the big picture.

They say look after yourself, look after your friends, look after your family, look after your colleagues – that’s plenty of looking after to do. Be kind to yourself, be kind with what you eat, and be kind with what you ingest in the form of news and videos and books and articles. Be kind to your family and friends.

The Spirits say there is no guarantee that the world is going to turn out well, There never was, and there isn’t.

Its like there is a big, untidy room and one just has a tiny little corner of it, that one can keep clean and neat, and that’s enough.

So really look after your mental health, look after your physical health, and have this filter of being able to say “that’s not my business.”

Don’t make it your business unless you are in a position to really make a difference. Otherwise you’re going to be like that person who tries to push a ship that’s stranded off the beach.

Even a thousand people are not going to be able to push that stranded ship off the beach.

(and if you have 10000 people you will then be more preoccupied with providing toilets and food for them and organizing them)

Don t get your energy unnecessary spent on things that cant make a difference.

Sometimes people get involved just for the feeling of getting involved. The Spirits say don’t do that.

Now the drums have changed to call me back.

I thank the Spirits for this flow of information that they gave me.

I walk back down the pink steps to to thread and start going back down.

I thank the Spirits for this profound Journey.



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