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From the Spirit Realm: The Big Perspective View



Listen to the recording of Neil Shamanic Journey for The Schapera Show

Neil Journeyed to Upper World to get guidance from the Spirits
I started this Journey from the top of a rocky hill in the desert of South Africa (where some of my ancestors came from) and traveled up through beautiful white/pink clouds
I eventually arrived in Upper World and crossed over a little bridge to an opening under the trees where I often meet my Spirit Teachers
None were there, and so I called out asking for a Spirit Teacher to please come meet me.
Then a Spirit Teacher arrived sitting on her flying carpet – its a beautiful carpet covered in intricate colored shapes, and sometimes when I ask a question these shapes move and reorganize to form a picture whose content helps answer the question – quite fantastic!
She had me sit on her carpet which I’ve never done before, and I was a little bit apprehensive about the stability of sitting on the carpet as it flies.

She takes me up to the top of a stone tower (like in the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale), with a magnificent 360 degree view from the top of the green landscape around.
Im on my own – but getting telepathic guidance from the Spirits.
There is a notion of “the big view” – seeing things from a higher perceptive
The details of each little scene below in the distance, are not clear – that’s part of the message – in the big picture view, the details which we are usually so absorbed in, have less importance.

There is a big picture perspective of existence, of reality, and its a softer one, its not bound up in details, not such close focus and immersion – it feels more peaceful and relaxed, more spacious and softer, and the key aspect – not problematic like the narrow focus view tends to be.

And that’s the big challenge for all of us, to rise above the detailed involvement with our lives that we have, and view things from this big picture.

The air feels cooler, there is an enormous expanse of sky all around.

I asked what else is important to understand and appreciate?

They say another big view analogy would be of people looking at an elephant and focusing on just a little spot on its skin, and getting totally immersed in that, trying to understand and research everything about that spot, and it can be of huge interest, but one doesn’t understand elephant that way.

In this narrow, very engrossed with small detail perception, one completely loses the big picture and most importantly, the big meaning.

And in the narrow view experience everything is seen as a problem to be sorted out and fixed.

I ask the spirits if they can they recommend how people can have more frequent experiences of the big picture and be more to access this balanced perceptive.

They said it really is a feature of the view one can get from the Spirit Realm, and having the skill of Shamanic Journeying, and being able to contact the Spirits, and be the beneficiary of their Power, Wisdom, Love, Compassion and their Perspective, that’s what we all can benefit by and need.

In earlier times that was the characteristic of an indigenous or tribal community, a Shamanic community.

They are saying, what they are encouraging, is for people to learn the skill and have the experience of Shamanic Journeying.

It is the method, or a very powerful, reliable consistent method of connecting with the Spirit World. This so absent from most peoples lives.

They also said that being in Nature, and learning to just be, to be aware, without drilling down into detail, ie.a spacious awareness of Nature, is both something very enjoyable, and very conducive to an expanded open awareness.

They said that by having that experience on a Shamanic journey, this big picture, this higher perspective, this more expansive view of things, or having it in Nature, the benefit is not just in that moment, which is so conducive to being more relaxed and peaceful, but some of that comes back into ones non-shamanic, everyday perception. And this helps slowly build up the skill of not being obsessively narrow in our awareness.

And I asked what else would be important and helpful?

And they say that some meditation techniques are also very helpful for improving the quality of our awareness.

They say, to give ourselves “not doing” time, where we are aware, letting ourselves be, but not consumed by doing, To give ourselves those opportunities.

They say that one example of a useful activity is when we are eating – to just eat. Not to be reading or looking at a computer, but just to be with that activity of eating – to be aware of the taste, and the small and the texture etc. This is something really useful for everybody.

They say that being aware of ones own breathing movement is very good.

And if one is out in nature and there is sound, to just be aware of the sound, not try to understand or analyze or categorize, but just to have a relatively un-distracted awareness. This is very beneficial. Both in the moment to have us feel more peaceful and content, but also to shift the very tight nature of our awareness.
They say another recommended awareness is as we are getting dressed or undressed, so there’s an opportunity twice a day, to try and cultivate a spacious awareness of that activity. And not being drawn away into other thoughts.

They then show me a very large red stone, maybe a ruby, and say this is love – an image of love. The phrase” love thy neighbor” is a challenge for us. They say one entry way into being more loving is to be less judgmental, to let go of judgment, or try not to go to judgment – that’s the doorway into being more loving, being less judgmental.
And the doorway into that, is to just notice, when we are being judgmental. To recognize how quickly and habitually we go to judgment, which is really an attempt to boost our own self, our own ego. Just to notice this habit, not to judge it.

That’s enough for now they say.


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