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Life is an everyday, all day miracle




This Segment from The Schapera  Show was broadcast on Friday 12-10-21- Listen here

For today’s (12-10-2021) show I journeyed to the Lower World. This is where I go into an altered shamanic consciousness and go down and down and down towards the Spirit Realm called the Lower World

Travel down alongside a beautiful glistening silver -blue thread towards the Lower World
(My intention was to meet Spirit Helpers in Animal form and ask for important and useful information to present on our show today.)

Go down a long way
Finally arrive
High in sky over Lower World, gliding through the air

One of my Spirit Helpers, who flies like a bird, is flying alongside me, and guiding me to where I should land in the Lower World.
Land in a grassy area

The Spirit flying with me said “wait for the Bear”

Almost immediately, a huge golden colored bear appeared.

I get on Bears back, and Bear takes me to an archetypal scene -a low, long, rocky waterfall in a river where bears are catching salmon that are leaping out of a river in abundance

This a scene of beauty, balance, harmony and abundance.

The Bear Spirit says we shouldn’t forget that the natural world, can, and does, provide abundantly. This is what the Bear Spirit wants me to emphasize

There is an understanding that the natural world provides (its an inherent quality that nature provides) but the providing can be limited if we interfere with nature e.g. if the salmon are prevented from going upstream and spawning, there wont be salmon for the bear to catch, and there wont be salmon for humans to catch. And a major interference in the balance of nature will have occurred.

And we’ve reached a point in our development as humans where we are easily able to interfere with natures ability to provide

Nature is so productive that given enough time and left alone – ie not interfered with, Nature will find a new balance eventually, but of course we are not leaving Nature alone, we disturb and interfere with nature more and more, and we are not giving it the time that it needs to evolve a new balance where all is in harmony.

Another point that the Bear Spirit wants me to emphasize is about the incredible gratitude and appreciation that we could and should have for natures providing.

The Spirits show me a scene of sea pools by the sea shore – full of sea life – fish, sea shells, sea life, seaweed, the abundance that nature provides – its all so clean and fresh

The understanding to not pollute, to not make dirty, what provides for us so abundantly and so splendidly. They say how dare we spoil what is so magnificent, so beautiful.

So – 2 messages so far – to not interfere, and to not pollute

Very obvious messages, but increasingly important if not critical

The message is not new, but we don’t take it seriously enough.

I ask the Spirits of the Lower World what other guidance is there that would be important to present on the show?

They continue with the theme – they say to see nature as the source – that what puts food on our tables is not essentially our effort, but in the first instance its the way nature produces – that’s just the amazing situation we find ourselves in

We take this for granted, that nature produces

However its very possible, that something occurs, that prevents nature from producing – it could be a plant virus, or an environmental toxin.

What we take for granted, like wheat to grow, vegetables to grow, fruit to grow – that could stop
We are living in a miracle, we are enjoying a miracle, everything is a miracle, the fact that we are alive, that there is life, is a miracle
And the miracle should be apprehended, and acknowledged , and appreciated.
We are miracles, and we are the beneficiary of miracles

The spirits say “Life is an everyday, all day miracle”

And I ask is there something we should do?
Is there any guidance for our actions?

The obvious implication is to not go about taking the miracle for granted
To appreciate it, and love it, and be in gratitude for it

And the Spirits say there is another implication – that the miracle is for everyone
Nobody should be going without

The most basic aspects of food, and shelter, and safety – that should be a motivating part of our lives, to help more and more people share in shelter, food and safety.

And it “takes a village”, takes a community, it takes an organization to help

Yes, we can do things individually that count a lot, but the magnitude of the problem is so huge, of people lacking food and shelter and safety, that it really needs to be tackled by organizations that have the clout to do it.

They’re not going to be efficient, there’s going to be corruption, there’s going to be inefficiency, but we have to do something, and finding out about such organizations, joining such organizations, and participating would be one helpful thing.

Its a long term picture, but it starts in our own individual hearts, to understand how very very fortunate and blessed we are, and to want more and more people to share; certainly to share the basics of food and shelter and protection

There is more than enough to go around, …

The spirits present me with a rose, to put in my lapel, and that’s a symbol of being awake to how other people need our help.

Spirits said that there is great wealth and richness on this planet, enough for everybody to enjoy, and have enough and enjoy a good material life. But the essence of the problem is people are selfish and its very hard for them to share and be generous.

And the main reason behind that is because people are insecure.
People are insecure emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. And this insecurity is the heart of what really needs to be addressed. There is no quick fix, and there’s no guarantee that there will be a fix, but for everybody who hears this, and thinks there is validity in this message, we each need to take great responsibility and diligence in seeing that we can help ourselves in every way with the development of our own emotional and psychological maturity, towards not being insecure, and our own spiritual development, And this will help us in our own thought and behaviors, and will help in that we will have an influence on others.

Its not a bleak situation – there is optimism.

Thank you

You have been listening to Neil of the Schapera Show.


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