Neils Spirit Report: Guidelines for how we live our lives



The purpose of this Journey is to travel to the Spirit Realm and ask the Spirits for guidance around an idea that came to me : are there some really important concepts or guidelines for how we live our lives that would be really useful and positive for all of humanity?

I always have to decide whether the Journey is going to be to the Lower World or the Upper World, and because my last few Journeys have been to the Upper World, I’m going to take this one to the Lower World

So I go into the tree and on the floor of the inside of the tree is the portal that I use to move from ordinary reality to Shamanic reality. It’s as if I’m already in another World — the World of of dark space with my glowing dark blue thread or energy beam that I travel alongside to guide me down to the Lower World

I’m going down and down and down, traveling down and with this request in the back of my mind to request the Spirits to please give guidance on are there any concepts or guidelines that would be useful to guide us in how we live for the benefit of all humanity. As I’ve been traveling down I’ve been seeing an extremely green area — fluorescent green and I wonder what it could be, what it could actually look like, as it’s not familiar. It’s almost a psychedelic green around me.

Some of my Spirits come to me that I don’t usually see in the Lower World — and they represent a Spirit family and I’m understanding straight away that they are showing me this, in response to my request, because what is significant is safeguarding the future for everybody, represented by families. Children represent the continuation of humanity into the future, as opposed to our usual narrowed being narrowed way of thinking, which is about our lived life right now, not really planning for the benefit of generations far into the future.

The Spirits, prior to even beginning this Journey, were already feeding the information as I was thinking about doing this Journey and they say that we already have two absolutely superb guiding principles that most people have heard. And if we haven’t that would be a great omission on the part of parents and schools and religious institutions.
The concepts do unto others as you would have them do unto you — the Golden Rule. And then the reverse of — do not unto others as you would have them NOT do unto you. Those are two fundamentally powerful guiding principles and if that was all we used, we would transfer transform our relationships and our interactions. That principle actually applies to ourselves as well, and we could just as easily say “do unto yourself as would have have others do unto you”. And “do not unto yourself as you would have others not do to you”.

So we already have this essential information. It’s been a theme, that the Spirits have mentioned in most of these Journeys. We have all the guidance we ever need. It’s not like there’s some pieces missing where we might think “ if only I had known that, I would have have behaved differently”

Using the guidance of do unto others, or do not do unto others, is especially applicable to strangers, to people we do not know.

The Spirits remind me of information that they gave me just before I started this Journey — the great power in the idea of reincarnation. That we could be reincarnated. That we will be reincarnated, and the life that we get reincarnated into. could be very different from the one we are presently having. It could be where circumstances seem to be much easier and more manageable, or with circumstances that seem to be much more challenging and difficult. If we feel that we could get a rebirth into a country where circumstances are very bad — e.g. there is great poverty, there’s famine, there’s environmental hardship, we are disabled, then surely that would be a huge stimulus for us to take care of situations that are outside of our present personal circumstances.

So they say that we should live as if there is incarnation — a very powerful guiding notion. If there is a chance that we could find ourselves born into a very poor country, with poor hygiene, with crime, with war — if that’s very possible would that not encourage us to make life better for everybody everywhere? They say it’s not a question of needing to take on a belief in reincarnation, rather the Spirits are saying this is a very useful guiding principle — live as if we will be reborn and the circumstances of their rebirth are unknown. We could even think that we could be reborn as an animal, and so the circumstances for animals should also be in our best interests. What if we get reborn as as cow? What if we get reborn as an endangered animal?

I ask are there any other guiding notions or principles?

They say yes to live as if we are part of Nature.

That when Nature is protected we are protected, and when Nature is polluted and poisoned and destroyed, we are being polluted and poisoned and destroyed.

The Spirits say we should follow the principle that we are all one — which includes all humans, all animal life, and all of nature. And they say that this is absolutely true — we are all one. We are one with other people, other creatures,and nature. We might not experience it that way. We usually don’t experience it that way, but it would be a powerful inspiration to look after other people, and animals and nature if we follow the idea that we are all one.

There is an image coming into my mind and it’s it’s like a rainbow bridge going from earth to Heaven. It’s a stylized simplified image to help me and other people to relate to, and I’m asking the Spirits to just help me understand the significance of this image. They say that the energy, or the fuel to go from earth to Heaven, is Love — that for us to “get to Heaven, or the fuel that takes us to Heaven is love, and everything that we can do to enhance love will enhance our experience of existence as paradise. These are difficult things to put into words. They say the precursor of love is kindness, and they say that we shouldn’t be guided by needing to feel kind, they say we should be guided by just wanting to be kind. To be kind to ourselves, to be kind to others.

It’s no good waiting to say I’ll be kind to others when I feel like it — it should be just like one of the 10 Commandments, like “thou shalt not steal”
Just as we understand that its not “I shall not steal when I feel like not stealing”. The good thing about being kind even if one is “acting” is that kind action still helps whoever one is being kind to, and overtime, acting kind will make us kind. Its like that “fake until you make it” idea.
I’m asking the Spirits is there anything more that would be helpful to understand?

They then show me a gentle hillside with many round reddish brown boulders stuck into the ground of the hillside. It’s an interesting image. But I have no idea what is its significance.

They saying to me these boulders are like eyes watching us.
Its an image of getting me to the next point that they want to make — to live our lives as if as if we are being constantly observed, and that we cannot hide any aspect of our behavior or our thinking. The universe understands and observes what we do and say. The Spirits say “let us rejoice in your being, in your existence.”

And now they show me these boulders are actually kind of vibrating and jumping around with the pleasure of observing our existence. It’s like make the universe joyful that we exist.

I ask the Spirits if there is anything more that I should take back to present on the Schapera Show. They reiterate the previous point — let’s be an open book.

I’m still in the green place and they put me in a canoe, and the canoe is traveling along. It’s sunset and it’s traveling towards the sun that setting. There’s a notion of our destiny is to unite or reunite with Energy.

And also, your path is your destiny — kind of cryptic but it’s a feature of getting information from the Spiritual Realm.

I’m going to return and they say one last thing — dissolve into the Energy of the Universe.

They say participate in the Energy of the universe.

I thank them and go back up to the beam. Back up, and back up. Leaving that green fluorescent Lower World area far below me. Returning to the portal and returning to the Middle World.


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