Neils Spirit Report: Journey to the Crystal Cave



The purpose of this journey is to travel to the Spirit Realm of the Lower World

to ask for interesting information that can be found by visiting a crystal cave.

Prior to this journey I had the insight that I should take a journey to the Lower World to the Crystal Cave where I can be shown interesting and useful information.

So I step into the tree trunk where I find the portal in the floor, setting my wish and intention, to travel down to the Lower World and ask the beloved, compassionate Spirits of the Lower World to take me to the crystal cave, where I can access useful and interesting information to present on the show.

I pass through the portal and immediately see the silvery-blue-indigo energy beam that I travel alongside to take me down to the Lower World

I’m going down and down and I find myself at a familiar place which is close to a river, and the ground is covered in white boulders.

I get an understanding that I will find a passageway to the Crystal Cave somewhere over here.

I’m pleased about that because I wasn’t sure where I would start to look for the passageway entrance that would take me to the crystal cave.

The Spirits guide me to where there are a pile of brush against some boulders.
I would have never have known that behind this is the entrance to the passageway to the cave.
So I move the brush away.
And I let the Spirit know that I do not like to be in narrow enclosed spaces and I wish this passageway to be open and wide and spacious, and I see steps that take then take me down and it’s not dark,
The steps light up as if they are Christmas lights, and I can feel the texture of the sandy ground beneath me, and this space is spacious and I feel comfortable.

The Spirits tell me immediately “you see you can trust us, give us your request and we will help you”

I still don’t like the idea of going underground and they say “ don’t worry”.
This is just the beginning of the passage.
The passage way that I’m in then start going upwards and I’m going up the side of a little hill, and my understanding is that I will find the actual entrance to the cave of crystals from the outside of this hill, which I feel much happier about.

I see what’s actually a very wide entrance, to what looks like an enormous cave and at this point the sides of the cave are fairly dark.
It looks like the walls of the cace are lined with dark purple amethyst.
I know this cave extends far beyond where I am, and that I could go further into it, but for right now I’m more comfortable just being realy close to the entrance, and in the center of the first part of the cave.

I see what looks like an an altar – it’s a sort of a table but with solid sides, and the sides of this table are encrusted with all kinds of colored stones and lights – it’s very attractive, and the Spirits say to me that the surface of this table is where things will be shown to me. And the first thing that they show me is a little miniature ladder – very unexpected sight.

I understand immediately that they’re giving me a symbol – they say that the Spirits act as a ladder, in the sense that in ordinary everyday reality we use ladders to get up to where we can’t normally reach without of the ladder, to access things that we need to access.

That’s the point – accessing what we wish to access with help from the Spirits.
They say by meeting with the Spirit World the Spirits help us reach higher and access what we want to reach in a way that we couldn’t do without the ladder.

Working with the Spirits enables us to get to a higher level – so that’s very interesting.

I then actually see a ladder – literally a ladder leaning up against the side of the cave, and I understand that I should climb this ladder.
It’s not that tall, it’s maybe about six steps up to where I can reach to get something inside the wall of this crystal cave.
I reached in, and found a rolled up parchment scroll about six inches long.
And the writing on it or the message on it which I don’t actually see but some how is transmitted from the paper into my mind without reading it is:

“you create your own destiny”, and my understanding of this, is that although things happen which might be out of our control and which we’re not choosing, the way in which we respond to situations and circumstances can be chosen, and this is the way in which we create our own destiny.

And we should be guided in the choices that we make when we respond to situations, and the highest form or at least a very high form of guidance is to be guided by the statement “I want to see God”, and that if in everything that we do in our responses to situations, we use that as the guiding principle “I want to see God”, this will make a big difference.

And I reach further into the little hole that this scroll of parchment came out, and and pull out a ring, and the ring has got a large green stone on it.
I understand that the purpose of this green stone is to cast a beam of light which we can selectively use to point that beam on what we want to pay attention to, and occupy our time and interest with.
The message here is “pay attention to what you want to pay attention to” in other words, “be intentional about what we pay attention to”.
It’s so easy to give our attention to all kinds of things that we might pay attention to out of habit, or because those things might seem interesting or pleasant, but they are not necessarily where the greatest advantage will come to us from.

So the message is “be selective in how we pay attention”.

I was wondering whether I should take the ring and this paper with me, but I I get told that I don’t need to take them with me.
I am asked to remember the scroll that says be guided by wanting to see God, and the purposeful shining of a beam of intention onto what is in our best interests to pay attention to.
SoI don’t need to take them with me, I can just leave them there for whomever might come after me.

I’ll come back here again for a reminder,
I climbed back down the ladder, and I’m back on the floor in the crystal cave, and high above me, I see a large circle of light shining down into the cave.

And here too is a message of “don’t let your World be dark”, “allow light to view the World in Light, rather than in darkness “.

And I understand this to mean that our consciousness can be full of darker thoughts, negative thoughts, pessimistic thoughts, and the message here is to view the World with lightness – and all we need to do is to request this of the Spirits who are Benevolent and compassionate.

So there is an opening in the very top of the cave. There’s a choice that I can make to just simply request that the cave be lit from above and I understand too that this is the light of God.

The message here is let the light of God illuminate your World.

Choose that you don’t let negativity and darkness be the characteristic of the World that you view. Let the World that you view be lit by the light of God.

And then the light gets brighter and brighter to the point where the walls of the cave get so bright that I can’t see any features and it’s like everything is dissolving in this white light except for a few lights that do shine through – some colored lights of red and yellow and orange are still shining through the dazzlingly whiteness of the cave, and then I get a message of “remember and honor your ancestors”.

We should go back as far as we can with remembering the names of our ancestors, and the faces of ancestors, and think of them, literally say their names, bringing their names and if possible their faces into awareness, and if one can say what role they’ve played in your life.

And they may have died long before we were even born, but if it’s possible to say something about the role they played in ones own existence. We should definitely do this.

The message here is “don’t forget your ancestors”.

And the Spirits also tell me “don’t forget the Spirits of the animals that have lived around you wherever you happen to live, even if you’re in a very urban area. At one point in the past that area was wild, was Nature, untouched by humans, and there were animals, and you might not know exactly what those animals were, but bring to mind the animals who lived where you live now, and you could even do some research to find out what variety of animals lived in your area.

Then I find myself looking out over the ocean, and it’s as if I’m on a beach somewhere, and I think it’s just after sunset as I see the remnants of some purple colors in the sky.
And the message here that I’m getting, is “its time to to relax, to deliberately relax and be more peaceful”.
We all carry around so much so much stress and so much agitation.
Let yourself relax.
Let yourself look out at the view and breathe.

Its the old bit of advice to Be, rather than be doing, to find a balance.
We’re way out of balance with doing versus being. and then they put me straight back into the Crystal Cave, and they say the Crystal Cave is a place of Being and enjoying the beauty and the wisdom.
The Crystal Cave is a place of great great wisdom and connection with God.
They say we love lights – there’s something about lights that reminds us of the sacred, especially a light in the darkness or colored lights in the darkness.
We find them attractive, but the bigger aspect of of them being attractive, is that they are a hint of of the sacred.

And that was the last message as the drums have just changed.
But just before they changed they told me to keep conscious that the sacred is what counts.

So I find a way back out the entrance of his cave.
I go down the hillside back into that passageway that dips briefly underground and then takes me back up to the white boulders, where I first went in,

and I say thank you to the Spirits.

I see the beam that I will travel up back to ordinary reality.
And I’m going up and up and up, traveling up the beam, thanking the Spirits for this very interesting journey, back through the portal into the tree trunk and back home into ordinary everyday reality.
I open my eyes and the Journey is over.


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