Neils Shamanic Journey to the Spirit Realm for Guidance around the topic of “What Should we be paying Attention to?”



Listen to the recording of this episode of the Schapera Show that includes: Viviens interview with Tom Paladino, Neils Journey to ask “What Should we be paying Attention to?”, and Viviens message from Amethyst.

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Purpose of this Journey is to travel to the Spirit Realm for guidance around the topic of “What Should we be paying Attention to?”

Pay attention to what you put out into the world via your thoughts, feelings, and behavior

For this Journey I traveled to the Upper World to Spirit Teachers in human form.
Traveling up light beam/energy thread, going up and up, taking my time

See planet earth far below as a very large sphere

I already have an understanding that there is a perspective, that the earth is this distinct sphere.

It is one of billions of planets, and in that sense, it is special to us who live on the earth, but its not special in the sense that there is no guarantee that it is going to be taken care of, or looked after, or will endure – that’s our responsibility.

Our precious planet Earth is not this special thing that has to survive

In the sense that it is one of billions of planets, its not special at all.
But it is to us, and if we regard it as special, we need to treat it as special.

And that means with love, and with care.

Now I see pink/white marble steps, and I float up them.

There is a big archway, with pillars up each side

I go in, and get told that this is the “Temple of Insight”.

The message is that we have lots of knowledge. We have huge libraries, we have incredible skills, we have a vast technical knowledge.

Where we need to put our attention, is on insight.

We don’t deliberately cultivate insight in schools, in universities, in our selves – and its really important that we do.

One meaning of the word “insight” is looking within – seeing ourselves honestly and accurately.
Insight is a precursor to wisdom.

We say that wisdom is highly desirable, and it is, however wisdom requires insight as a starting point. Insight into ourselves, our families, our cultures, our societies.

And we need to pay attention to the fact that we should cultivate insight, and how to cultivate insight.

And the Spirits show me a pool of reflecting water, like a mirror, and they’ve shown me scenes like this before, with the message about seeing ourselves.
Self-knowledge is part of insight.

We need to pay attention to be aware of our particular inclinations, and habits, and tendencies.
Its all in that territory of “Know Thyself”
And to want to be improving ourselves.

I ask again:”what should we be paying attention to? What is in our best interests to pay attention to?”
They show me the stars. I’m looking up from the Temple of Insight, and the ceiling is open. I can see the night sky and the stars. The Spirits say ,like they have told me on previous Journeys, that there is a big perspective view, and understanding that is helpful.

We are very caught up in the minutiae of our lives, and we have very little space for including a big perceptive of the Universe, and of Existence.

They say they are not providing me with that information.
This is one of the enjoyable and entertaining things to think about, to contemplate the vastness of Space, and Time, and what can we get out of that thinking?

We talk about being open minded, and open-mindedness includes not being caught up in everyday details and concerns.

Having them is fine, and in addition we should be considering and contemplating how we are part of an infinite Universe.
They say one of the most important and useful – they keep emphasizing “useful” – whats useful to pay attention to, are our thoughts.
To literally, while we are thinking of something, and while we are paying attention to something, to also have an awareness that we are thinking those particular thoughts, and that we are paying attention to whatever we are paying attention to.

We want to be an anthropologist of ourselves.

There are lots of anthropology fields of study, like tribes, societies and cultures, but we should be dedicated “anthropologists” of ourselves.
How we think, what we pay attention to, how we react, how we behave.
Its in the “Know Thyself” territory.

We prize the idea of being well-informed, and we usually think of being “well-informed” in terms of knowing what is going on around us – in our community, our country, or the world, or particular topics that we have an interest in professionally or recreationally.

This is all good, but we should be well-informed about ourselves.

They say that there is something interesting about the word “informed”.

They say we are formed by our thoughts and by our attention and by our behavior.

So who are we?

On one level we are what we think, what we say, what we do.
That form may be the form we’d like to have, or it could be modified.

By changing our thoughts and our beliefs and our attitudes and our behavior, we change our form.

The Spirits also say, that we should also not forget, that in a different sense of using the word, we are part of the “formless”.

I think this is more of a Buddhist understanding, and part of the mega understanding, the largest perspective understanding that we can have, its hard to put this into words, that we participate in the formless. Our true home (if we use restrictive language), is the formless.
We must not lose track of this awareness even if it is not properly understood.

The formless is not obliteration or annihilation.

Probably, without having evolved in a very deep spiritual way, these will be words without too much meaning. But that’s ok. The point is to not lose the words that we are from the formless, we return to the formless, and that even in this incarnation, we are actually still formless.

We should pay attention to this – that our true nature is formless.

I ask if there is anything more on this topic of what should we pay attention to.

I’m still in the Temple of Insight.

They say to pay attention to remembering that everybody feels pain.

That everybody feels sadness and grief, and worry and hurt.
We are all brothers and sisters in our suffering.

In the formless there is no separation.

The Spirits say that even if we don’t experience it that way, when we hurt others, we hurt everything.

I ask if there is anything more on this topic of what should we pay attention to.
They say pay attention to our surroundings.

Try keep our surroundings in order. Don’t create a “mess” both in the sense of our personal spaces, and in terms of keeping the planet beautiful. Pay attention to simplicity.

I’m going to leave the Temple of Insight now.
One of my Spirits flies me back to the beam that I use to travel down to the Middle World. I’m on its back and we fly down towards the beam.
The Spirit says to remember that the Spirits are our “friends” – they really want to help us.

I wave goodbye and return to my starting point in the Middle World.


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