Rose vanden Eynden

Reverend Rose Vanden Eynden – A Spiritual Seeker Speaks on Re-Inventing Yourself



“Allow rather than push!”

Vivien welcomes one of Cincinnati’s great leaders, Reverend Rose Vanden Eynden, medium, author, teacher and spiritual seeker.

In this interview, Vivien and Rose discuss many points of interest:

  • Change over time and the need to stop to figure out “the next chapter”

  • Discovering and developing mediumship skills

  • How to tell whether you are speaking to an angel, spirit guide, fairy or deceased relative

  • The need to dialog with Spirit, and to ask questions

  • The distinctions between mental telepathy, clairaudience, and claircognizance

  • Spirits are not omnipotent nor omniscient, they offer us wisdom and guidance

  • Spirits cannot influence the world except through us, so it is a working relationship, same as any other

  • How to recognize guidance from Spirit

  • How the pandemic announced: “Now’s the time for change”

  • Dealing with control issues and learning how and when to “surrender”

Books by Rose:
So You Want to Be a Medium



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