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Is Competitiveness Killing You? Neil Consults the Spirits of the Upper World




We have an influence on the world whether we like or not, for better or for worse.”

For today’s show I journeyed to the Upper World, and the topic that came up is Competition and Competitiveness and how that is affecting us here on Earth.

To go to the Upper World, I go into an altered shamanic consciousness and go up and
up finally arriving in the new landscape of the Upper World.

One characteristic of the Upper World. is that the Spirits I encounter there usually show themselves in human form whereas the Spirits in the Lower World usually show themselves in animal form.

So, I arrived in the upper world and met a spirit teacher and asked them for information for today’s show.

He said that what is really important is for us to know that the Spirit world which is our true home, is not a place of competition. 

Activities in the spirit realm are done for pleasure, for joy, not to be competitive.

It is a failing of our human culture that we are in such intense such “do or die “competition with each other. He gave me an analogy by showing me a scene, of a whole bunch of people, competing to see who can get to the top of the tree the fastest and the first.

He showed me how in this “winner takes all “mentality, people are being knocked off the tree, falling off, and getting hurt. So – in the version of intense competition that happens on earth, people are hurt – there are some winners, and many losers.

And this intensely competitive behavior feels so tense and stressful.

He says that the ideal is the model of cooperation, where everybody helps who they can, in whatever way they can, and is in turn helped, by whomever can help them. In this way, everybody wins. Everybody is a winner.

But the whole win/lose scenario is not one that happens in the Spirit Realm. He gives me an analogy and shows me a scene to illustrate this: A wide river, and an entire community working together, helping build a bridge, for all to get across.

It takes cooperation, support, and working together of everybody. This is so different from the brutal competitiveness, which often characterizes our human society.

I asked if there was anything more he wanted me to share. He says we should consider the very simple question: “How would we like to be remembered after we have died?” and “What would we like people to say about us?”

He says that it will all boils down to:

How much have we loved?


How much have we helped?

And the helping that we can do is both helping ourselves, and helping others on their Spiritual path, but also helping people with their everyday survival journey – the practicalities of everyday life.

And we should ask ourselves:

Have we been generous?

Have we been kind?

These are the qualities that resonate for years, for generations after we die.

We should also watch for is where we have in our lives, either inadvertently or unfortunately in some cases, deliberately trod down on others, or pushed down others on the way to where we are trying to go. Have we been part of building bridges rather than racing to the top of the tree at all costs? We have an influence on the world whether we like or not, for better or for worse.

The Spirit popped an image into my mind of a flower and said: “What the flower does is just bring beauty into the world and this is what we should ask ourselves:

Have we brought beauty into the world?

Have we made people smile?

Have we helped people?

Do others feel good when they are around us?

His final comment was:

Do we help people to get where they want to go, or do we block them?

Thank you!

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