Shamanic Journey: Start taking responsibility, and making changes, at home




This was a Journey to the Upper World to request important and useful information to present on the Schapera show

Traveled up energy-light beam
Almost like sliding upwards

Went very high up into space and the cosmos

See planets from other galaxies

I called in one of my Spirit Teachers to request that they take me to the Upper World
Climbed onto the back – a feeling of “being home, with complete acceptance, and love”

Traveled through space
Briefly traveled through a star, the Spirit says this is a place it goes to, to get re-energized

When we come out, its coat is glowing with fire, like globs of molten lava, and the Spirit shakes some of it off

We land on a beach and the Spirit goes straight to the water, which is very calm, reminiscent of Lake Michigan

As the Spirit goes into the water, a huge a mount of steam is created as its hot body enters the water

There is a message here – this is a time for everybody to “cool down”

That a “confligatory” temperature has been reached on our planet, and its time for people to cool down

To “chill” they say mockingly
we need cooling waters to counter act the fire

I’m sitting on the sand and the Spirit comes and sits next to me – its very big

Its asks me “what do you want to know?”

I say “I’ve come to request guidance and information that I can present on the Show”

The Spirit says something I’ve never heard any Spirit say before, it swears and says : “You guys are so fu***d!”

Its a dramatic blanket statement about the state of the world

I don’t think its a prediction, but rather saying things are so “fu**ed”

And saying, “we don’t have to worry” – talking about the Spirits and the Spirit Realm, “but you guys really should worry”

It says in terms of guidance and recommendations, to report on this Show, the Spirits have already, previously, told me, all the information that could be needed about changing our consciousness.

They say there is no real point in giving more information, more guidance,

They say “its up to you now, and it can be just an excuse, to keep asking the Spirits for information, and to not use that information”.

They sat that its urgent that we “clean house:, that we sort out our own situations
We can do that at home, at work, dealing with our own personalities and our own consciousness

Things that they have said before, but we must, if we want to have something to look forward to, we’ve got to make these changes
And the changes should really begin absolutely at home, in our own thinking, our own behavior and in our hearts.

So that the very least we can say is that we’ve made changes – we’ve personally, individually, made changes

And whatever happens to the world, in terms of politics, the economy, war, (not to discount that) that will be what it will be, but we should urgently try and change our selves.

Each one of us, to be more loving, and more clear thinking, less reactive, less habitual.
The time is now.

They say this is not a bleak prognosis, they’re just saying this is the recipe for changing this problematic situation.

If we want a safer, happier, kinder world, we have to make changes in our own hearts right now

That is urgent

And the evidence of changes in our own hearts will show up in our relationships

That’s where we can expect to see the results of changing our selves.

And I say this radio Show has an optimistic slant, of being inspirational, can the Spirit tell me something that fits in with that?
They remind me of something that I had read, by the philosopher and writer and mystic, Aldous Huxley, when he was asked what he had learned after all his decades of exploring philosophy and spirituality and consciousness changing, he said the one thing he could say with absolute certainty, was
the importance of being kind

That was the crux: “Be Kind”

And that was what we should set our sights on, changing our consciousness, being less reactive, less habitual,

With the end, to include, being kind.

And he says to include being kind to ourselves, we mustn’t think being kind is just directed outwardly to being kind to others, it would actually be difficult to be kind to others if were not kind to ourselves

And kind means looking after our selves, and really being mindful of whats in our best interests

Consciously inquiring every day, and regularly through the day, “what is best for me right now, what is in my own best interests right now?”

And as came up in a past Journey, this is not being selfish, this is not selfishly about “me, me, me”, this is about my well being and health, and peace of mind, radiating out into my family, my friends, my community, my country, my world

And I say, some people seem so immune to this consideration, and I’m thinking of Putin at the moment, and the crisis in Ukraine and the great stress and worry around that

The Spirits say “take care of what you can take care of, what you cant take care of because its out of your hands, beyond you, far away etc, let that not be where your energy goes

Let your energy go to what you can take care of.

And you can take care of yourself, don’t worry about Putin

Take care of what you can have an influence over – your own self, your own behaviors and actions, and yout interactions with your family, your friends

And it really is “charity begins at home”

Start taking responsibility, and making changes, at home

The planet will survive

And I ask the Spirits “is there anything more I should report on and say on this Show?”

And they say and this is quite unexpected, that every body should be making food, be making meals, have the experience of making meals. That for many people this is very ordinary and they do this every day or quite often, but if you are somebody who doesn’t ever cook, or make a meal, or prepare food, this could be a good thing to do.

I think they addressing this at people who don’t ever experience preparing a meal

Spirits say this is an important experience – buying food, choosing ingredients, making food

They say its not about making anything fancy or special – but for people who don’t do it, this is important

They also say singing is a helpful thing – we each should sing, and its not about good at it or being a concert singer, or putting on a performance, it very individual, to choose music where the melody and the lyrics are what we really like

They say its really important that the lyrics are conducive to good feeling and good interactions, they say that some of the lyrics now days is really destructive

We should choose lyrics that we like, and simply have the experience of singing – it could be in the car, in the shower, wherever, its something very beneficial to us

They also said “take responsibility for a plant” or a flower – it could be a houseplant, or something we are going to plant in the Spring, but something that we personally are taking an interest and a responsibility in. Its easier than a pet they say. There is something beneficial in doing this.

The Spirits say there no place for being scared, nothing to be gained by being scared

They also say to look up at the sky, the night sky, and see the magnitude of space, get an inkling of this, and get a taste of the awe this, not trying to understand it or work it out, that’s incomprehensible.

There is true awe we can experience by looking up at the night sky

We toss around the word “awesome” in a ridiculous way where its become part of our western vocabulary, The Spirits say “you want to see whats truly awesome – look up into the sky at night”

Now the drums call me back

I thank the Spirits

I hop on the back of the Spirit and get taken back from the beach, into the darkness of the cosmos, and we head back to my light beam.

I return going down the beam to ordinary reality.


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