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Vivien Schapera, Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Demonstrates Tablework



What’s the Alexander Technique? A wonderful reorganization of psychophysical dynamics that feels more relaxing than a massage, yet is a kinesthetic lesson that teaches #mindbody wholeness. Senior Alexander Teacher, Vivien Schapera explains as she gently guides her client, Jason, with hands-on skills into #inhibitingmuscletension, allowing the sought after #lengtheningofthespine. Vivien and #NeilSchapera have been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1983. They were certified by #WalterCarrington of the Constructive Teaching Centre in London. Through her work as an #AlexanderTeacher, Vivien became more and more aware of the energy field, and added energy healing and crystal healing to her repertoire.

Presenters: Vivien Schapera, #JasonSchapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera

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