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Dr. Sandra Subotich, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine



Listen to Vivien Schapera interviewing Dr Sandra Subotich on HealthyLife.Net

Our guest today is:

Dr Sandra Subotich Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychic Intuitive, and Energy Medicine Practitioner. 

That’s an impressive list, what training do you have?

10 years practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, 15 years doing energetic medicine.  

Trained with various teachers including a 67th lineage Taoist Heavenly Master and studied in China with various Taoists priests throughout the country. Trained in Medical Qi Gong (energetic aspect of traditional Chinese Medicine)

Trained in bioenergetics, matrix energetics, Tao Hands, Taoist Alchemy, Soul Retrieval, Energetic Transmutation.

Specialize in autoimmune disorders, chronic illness, gastrointestinal issues, psycho spiritual issues/trauma. 

Specially trained in pulse and tongue diagnostics as well as various advanced needling techniques.

How did you get interested in your topic/career?

That’s a long and interesting story for the Chinese Medicine side of things. The intuitive energetic side has been there since I was a kid and was a natural progression. 

Eastern Philosophy – what primary insight can we take into application?

No separation between Shen, mind and body

Can’t separate these interactive dynamics into different boxes

Our experiences, our traumas affect us emotionally and physically

Story of the homeless man who had to eat out of dumpsters and he prayed over his food, transformed his health.

So, what we think has more power over us than we realize?


Research example: Exercising vs. thinking about exercising – yielded comparable muscle growth.

The one that strikes me, is the whole lung cancer story. We talk about lung cancer being caused by smoking, but my observation is that lung cancer also has this other terrible trigger – unresolved grief and anger.

Yes: big difference between smoking as ceremony and smoking to escape life.

In my understanding, the Eastern Philosophy is to pay practitioners so that you stay well, rather than pay practitioners to get well again once you’re sick. Can you speak to this point for us?

Yes, that is a transformation we can make in our personal thinking. We should rather switch to preventative thinking.

We must include the importance of self-care, the realization that we all have programmed unconscious or subconscious beliefs that can hinder all aspects of our lives including our health, and the importance of addressing and reprogramming those. 

We have so much more power than we realize but we need to acquire the appropriate tools to learn how to most efficiently utilize it.  The power of love, gratitude and forgiveness and the sheer magnitude of possibility for transformation that we possess. 

One of the big “conversations” that I’m seeing, is this issue of “gut health” – and I’d love to get your take on that?

Gastro-intestinal issues – prefacing point in the body

Solar plexus area is a big processing system

This is where we get our sense of “not right”

For example, with stress, it hits us all there but can be in opposite ways – some can’t eat when stressed, some overeat when stressed

There are constitutional patterns – for some the weakness is in the lungs, for some the weakness is in the gut

And what about the rise of autoimmune disorders. How does that all look from your perspective?

The pattern is more important than the diagnosis itself.

People with autoimmune disorders “have a story.”

Give some more explanation – phlegm, damp, ingrained beliefs re self-worth

For those of us that are doing self-care, I’ve noticed that we tend to hit a plateau. Do you have any suggestions for when this happens?

Switch things up a bit.

Healing is not linear – there are ups and down

Plateaus are normal and anything longer than 4 – 6 weeks – explore new options, figure out what to add in.

Dr. Sandra, you said: “That’s a long and interesting story for the Chinese Medicine side of things.” – would you be willing to tell us some of that story?

Yes, I think the main points are …

How do you define energetic medicine?

We live in a 3D world, but we do have access to more.

We can work with universal and galactic energies.

Is there a way people can develop there intuitive sides for themselves?

Not a super-power. Some are more inclined that way, but it is accessible to every human if they want it.

And for you?

Since a child I remember detecting feelings. My grandfather passed and he came to talk to me. I could tell when someone was lying to me. As a child, this could all be quite confusing!

And if it isn’t just coming naturally, as you describe, is there something we can do?

Sitting quietly

Listening – paying attention to how you feel, how you respond, journaling, meditation, contemplation

We all get info, we don’t take the time to be quiet

What else can you recommend?

Deep connection with either religion or spirituality.

Beliefs should not be a weapon.

Our spiritual side is inherent to daily life.

Daily life should include practices so that you don’t get sick.

How can people get hold of you?

My website:


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