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Explore a range of topics including the Alexander Technique, Energy Healing and Alternative Medicine, Spiritual Evolution and Shamanism, Books, and FourWinds Academy, Academically trained in Psychology, Vivien Schapera is a world-renowned Energy Healer and Teacher of the Alexander Technique. Vivien has founded a new style of Crystal Healing called Crystal Surgery. Neil’s great expertise in the Alexander Technique and Shamanism is a resource here as well.
In these Blogs and Vlogs, Vivien and Neil draw on their extensive experience to present helpful information for your personal and professional development.

To The Spirit Podcast: Vivien and Rebecca O’Donnell discuss Energy and Crystal Healing

Listen here: Beck talks with Vivien Schapera about healing. Vivien explains learning, practicing, and teaching the Alexander Technique and about ...
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How to Create A Vibrant Sustainable Community

Click here to view the PDF of How to Create a Vibrant Sustainable Community: 10 Essential Steps To Support You ...
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